Agriculture ProfessionalsFarming is as natural as breathing to Brent Wertz, a 4th generation farmer from southeastern Colorado. Great-Grandfather Wertz purchased the family farm near McClave, Colorado in the early 1900’s where Brent calls home, just over a century later. Brent Wertz feels a deep sense of pride in the farming community and has set his heart on helping others who find their passions in the agricultural ¬†industry.

Brent Wertz

Brent Wertz

Brent has been farming for 27 years and been on his own since 1986. He started working in the ag risk and crop insurance business more than a decade ago. With experience meeting the needs of other farm professionals and working in the ag industry, he understands every aspect of farming. He knows the rumble of a tractor, the smell of a dirt road and the satisfaction of crops growing in the field. More importantly, he understands that your passion is found in such simple delights as these.

Brent understands the farmer’s plight when there isn’t enough water for irrigation, and the rain doesn’t fall often enough, or plentifully enough to sprout crops and grow. He gets it… when production is low and the revenue doesn’t come like you’d hoped it would.

Production and revenue protection are vital to your success and protecting YOU and YOUR crops are his business. Brent stands by his word with integrity and honor. He will fight for your rights as a customer who put your risk in his hands.

If you seek an ag risk and crop insurance agent who understands your needs and knows the importance of keeping the family farm production up and the income in place, Brent Wertz is the man for the job.


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